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What do you drive?



  • Melody87Melody87 Feels At Home ChesterfieldRegistered Posts: 44
    This is my type of thread :) Both me and my other half are properly into classic cars I have a 3ltr Turbo Toyota Supra and he has a 2.6ltr Rover SD1 (sig pic). I also have a 1981 Mini Clubman Estate which will be my economical car once it's had the extensive resoration it needs (need to learn to weld lol). I do want to turbocharge the mini but as the Supra only manages 27MPG at best it will still be very economical in comparison :D

    As you can imagine all our money goes on car parts and petrol so thanks to a measly wage half my clothes have holes in and I get to work on a push bike lol

    The Supra is my dream car and if I get rich from accounts I also want to own a soft top Mustang, old one obviously. and if I win the lottery I want a Lamborghini Countach!

  • MonsoonMonsoon Font Of All Knowledge FMAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 4,071
    I love L200s :)

    Mr Monsoon bought a Jag XJ the other day. It's lush! A proper "old man car" and it does about 20mpg but it's gorgeous. The old ones are dirt cheap at the moment.
  • AK002AK002 Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 2,492
    Oyster card :mad2:
  • Melody87Melody87 Feels At Home ChesterfieldRegistered Posts: 44
    My OH's brother is OBSESSED with XJ's he has two of them at the moment a S1 and S3 (I don't think he has owned a car that isn't a Jag). The S1 is halfway through having a XK Supercharged engine levered under the bonnet.... should be interesting :)
  • DcollinsDcollins Well-Known Registered Posts: 179
    geek84 wrote: »
    Hi Dcollins

    Regarding the A4 your other half drives, you say it is easy to park & drive considering its size. What do you mean by that? Are there extra functions in the car, such as warning lights when you are getting close to another parked car etc?


    Sorry for late reply - not been paying attention.

    It's got parking sensors, but I don't know if they're standard or not. A picture comes up showing how close the car is getting to stuff, and it beeps.

    It drives easily because it's a 4-wheel-drive automatic. It's an ex-demonstrator so has lots of extras.
  • guinea pigguinea pig Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 402
    I have a Golf Sport, which I love, but its time for a change, and I'm looking at the Audi A1, has anyone got one? or can recommend Audi?
  • BluewednesdayBluewednesday Font Of All Knowledge Registered Posts: 1,624
    I tried an A1 when I had a courtesy car, it was very nippy but the back seats are virtually unusable, great for 2 but no good for 4
  • LisaSmallLisaSmall Just Joined Registered Posts: 3
    I drive Pegeout 206 :001_smile:
  • GemmaSGemmaS Well-Known Registered Posts: 178
    I drive a clapped out old Citroen Xantia to work during the week and at the weekend I get to choose which one of my other half's many many cars I want to play in.... We're trying to move in with each other, which means moving areas, Unfortunately trying to find something with enough space for all his cars makes it almost impossible! (last count it was 13!) Now we're discussing renting out a barn just to house them all.

    My other half hates my car and keeps threatening to write it off, so I told him only if I could have either the Range Rover or the Porsche instead ;) (and if he pays the fuel bills! lol)
  • SamiHSamiH Well-Known Registered Posts: 179
    I drive a lovely black modified Vauxhall Zafira, she is 10 years old and doesn't give me any grief at all :)

    My hubby has a 7 year old Zafira. His, however, is off the road with a knackered turbo, lol!
  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 362
    2001 Polo... i love it so, but can't help wanting an upgrade everytime i go past the cooper garage! BM or Mini... hmmm
  • James PattersonJames Patterson Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 281
    I don't drive atm but am looking at a Golf Gti for my first car.

    Dream car would be a Nissan GTR - been crushing on this car for a while!
  • mrb82mrb82 Well-Known Registered Posts: 147
    The Pug I mentioned earlier in this thread died! Clutch AND the cylinder head gaskett went at the same time! We ended up buying a Y rg Citroen Xsara Picasso and I'm pleased with it! It's massive :D

    Incidentally, my father-in-law designed the electronic wiring harnesses for the new XJ.
  • SashaDellaSashaDella Trusted Regular Registered Posts: 362
    i would love a golf gti... my 1.4 polo is too slow haha.

    i would get it in red !
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