Recommendation for Level 4? Also Salary?

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Currently I'm studying level 3 (nearly finished), and will move on to Level 4 in September. I currently study at college, but it is quite a distance away (90 mins). To be honest, most of the time at college we just read through a study book, so I don't feel as if I need to attend. I'm thinking of asking my work if I can home study instead of going to college. Do you feel this is a sensible idea, or will level 4 become too hard?

Also, I work in industry and I go around each department (Purchase/Sales, Management, Cashbook, Systems etc) and learn what they do and then help do it for a few months at a time. When I complete AAT I will be assigned a proper role, but at the moment my company are trying to give me an overview of what everybody does. I'm on a salary of Ā£10k, and am just wondering whether there is any chance of asking for a higher salary? I know it's up to my work, but is that a reasonable salary for somebody who has nearly completed Level 3?

Many thanks for reading and any input is greatly appreciated :)


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    Hi Sean
    Home study is worth a look, I would highly recommend the Bpp online classroom with the videos and access to tutor at about Ā£350 per unit with books included (but not exam fee). You could study at your own pace and sit the exams when you are ready.
    Or if you are brave you could just purchase the books and sit the exams as external student - but you need to be registered with a provider for ICAS.
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    I've never done the college bit so can't comment on the pros and cons, but my new employer had no problem with me wanting to continue home-study with my current provider (at their cost) rather than using their normal college 'apprenticeship'-style study (which most of their AAT trainees do). My argument was that I'm capable of progressing far faster than the one academic year per level you're tied to with one day a week at college so will be more valuable to the firm in a shorter time period.

    You should most definitely look for a payrise if you've been in the job a little while - a recent survey by AAT (which is around on the website somewhere - I saved a copy rather than the link though) found average salaries for student members to be between Ā£15k and Ā£20k depending on region, generally getting higher the more south and east you go, Ā£25k average in London and (breaking the mould) Ā£20k in Scotland. There's not much difference at all between level 2-3-4 qualified, a couple of Ā£k from bottom to top. If you're above the Accounts Assistant/Junior level then it jumps a bit. Obviously it depends on your experience (both accounts-related and otherwise if you've had a prior career), but Ā£10k seems low - the only risk is that there seem to be a lot of people trying to get into the industry who are willing to work for free for a bit, so would jump at Ā£10k! Doesn't hurt to ask, most trainee positions down here on the south coast seem to be advertised between Ā£14k-Ā£20k.
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    Salary 10k

    Experience 'Priceless'

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    Salary - Ā£15k
    Experience - Priceless

    Still true, and plenty more beer tokens. Don't ask, don't get.
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    Oh i'm all for more wonga, i was merely pointing out that it was already a great position to be in.
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    Thanks everyone.

    I have a review coming up shortly so will suggest the home learning route, and maybe the salary but I definitely agree that the experience I'm getting is priceless. It's definitely my priority to sort the learning side out more than the financial side, as I feel that will go up the quicker I complete AAT.

    Thanks again for your help guys :)
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    Hi Sean, have you checked to see if there is another college nearer? I found level 4 more challenging, and appreciated my tutors support.
    I agree with the other posts, it sounds as though you are getting very good experience, and again salaries tend to vary depending on where you are, and how many jobs there are around.
    Good luck, GP
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    10k sounds extremely low to me, I live in Birmingham so not sure how much that has an effect but I earned that 6 years ago when u did admin at an estate agents. I earn 17k now & only fully passed my level 2. I know employers can pay less now with the job situation at the moment but maybe look online for similar jobs in your area & their salary.
    Good luck. X
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