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Hello to everyone!

I am opening this discussion because I feel a bit boxed in. I would like to hear from other people who where in my situation, I am asking you to help me to solve this problem.

So, I have been studying with AAT now for nearly 3 years. I have completed Level 2 and 3, now I am doing Level 4. While I was going trough the levels I took on a SAGE 50 training to get more experience. I am not from the accounting industry, only have administration experience. However, I have passed all my exams with ease until now and I am sitting my first level 4 exam tomorrow.

My problem surfaced when I have started applying for work. I was thinking that once I have the qualification I could get a job and start a new career in the finance industry. It turned out I was so very wrong. I have a very good CV, I know that, because I got a number of compliments on it. I always write cover letters where appropriate. I also have a good professional profile on a website, I do not want to mention here.

As I have started to apply for jobs I realized I have to start from the very bottom. I was going for Trainee positions and support positions. But, hardly get any interviews. I was like, ok you need to rethink that and start again. I have registered at every agency I could find in my surrounding. I started to get some answers and interviews, but was always left out because I do not have experience. The final drop was when a recruitment consultant told me that the agencies getting paid to bring in experienced people and not people who are new to the industry. She suggested I should try and apply to small companies on my own. So I am doing this now. I have also reevaluated my situation and decided to work on my experience issue. The first and obvious choice was volunteering, I registered with my local volunteering office. All the opportunities that they had where way out of my league. They needed people with experience to do it. Again, back to the drawing board. I am full time employed, what can I do? Got holidays! So I went of and approached local accountants offering free work for a couple of weeks, till my holidays last. Didn't ask for money, only wanted the experience and perhaps a reference letter. No need to tell you, this did not work either. Start again! After I have finished level 3, I applied for AATQB status. So, I looked up bookkeeping. Starting up my own business would be a bit challenging, but that is ok, nothing is easy. It turned out I would need a licence to do that. Looked up the licensing requirements and guess what? You need to have experience to get a licence from the AAT.

I have been applying for jobs for nearly two years in Lincolnshire, Nottingham shire and Leicester shire area. Nothing, no experience no job. As I am 33 years old and have a family and a mortgage I can not take on a apprenticeship role, need more money than this could offer me. My bottom limit would be £16000.

I do not want to consider the money and time I have put into this qualification as wasted, but right now I have run out of ideas. Do not know where I could go from here. What else to try?

If there is anybody who was in similar situation and made it out, could you please help me out? Actually, any advice from anybody is most welcomed! Thank you very much for reading these lines and for your help!

Kind regards,
Lajos Lukacs


  • PeterC
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  • Lajos
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    Thank you for the idea, I will definitely check it out.
  • Bertie
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    The difference between those that do and those that don't is persistence.

    Firstly, don't give up your dream.

    Continue to tweak your CV, maybe get a professional to read through it.

    I've known people apply for over a thousand jobs. Some by virtue of luck get lucky at the start. Some by virtue of knowing their own minds start their trade when young - no bills, no family commitments etc.

    As you work in admin is it not possible to move sideways in your current organisation? Do you have any contacts from the past, from your past experiences in admin?

    Keep your chin up, keep applying for jobs, keep the CV clear and concise.

    That door will open.

  • Lajos
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    Thank you very much for your comment and encouragement Bertie! It is much needed!

    The company I am working for is a mid size Ltd. Most of the workers are there for over 20 years, not much is changing. They are outsourcing all the accounting to an other company. All they have is one accountant on site, dealing with payroll and other stuff. I did approach him last year and he said that there is no need for help, but he will let me know if anything would come up.

    The past. As you probably can tell from my name I am not born British. Moved here from Hungary, about nine years ago. Most of the jobs I have done in the UK are low skilled jobs, because I did not speak any English when I arrived. This means that I did not have access to people who could come to my aid now.

    As for persistence, I have been known not to be a quitter!

    I have been thinking about professional CV writers, but when I was researching them online I discovered negative feedback's from people. Do you know any good ones?

  • kbewick
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    Hello Lajos,
    I think, employers may be reluctant to recruit staff due to the uncertainties businesses are facing, due to Brexit. Telling you this does not help your current situation, I know, but the employment market does seem smaller this year than it has in others.
    I hope your situation improves very soon, try not to be disheartened, sometimes a little luck can come when youleast expect it.
  • Lajos
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    Dear kbewick,

    Thank you for your input, I quite agree with you. Brexit means that businesses are a bit more cautious with employment. However, as I have found plenty of opportunities in my surroundings, I do not think that this would the reason I am struggling.
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