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Hi there, I am on course to pass level 4 AAT ( touch wood!) I am 20 years old and I would like to know what route everyone took after AAT. the option i will most likely take it the AAT-ACA fast track, has anyone took this if so what are the pros and cons of the course? If not then what would you recommend to do after.

Thank you!!


  • David Ballantyne
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    Hi George,

    I assume that you are already working in a practice. Is the practice an authorised ICAEW training practice? If so, and they have a training opportunity available to you, take it.

    We would need to know more about your current working circumstances and your aspirations in order to offer further advice.

    David Ballantyne
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  • Georgeharman_
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    Hi David,

    No they are not but we are currently in the process of authorising the firm so even before I start ACA I can build up my work experience days.

    My goal is to become a chartered account as soon as possible. And see this route as a great start after AAT,but again would love to know other people's opinions on the course itself if they did it and what route they took compared to mine.

    Thank you
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