Assessment 2 - Task 1.7

Please help with cash management task 1.7, how do I work out sales revenue?


  • Casu
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    I do keep saying this but not all of us have access to the questions eg those of us who passed years ago cannot see the study area/those people who are on different AQA modules (2013 v 2016) can only see what they are on. Please post the question. Also - I do encourage students to post an answer - doesnt matter if you get it a little bit wrong or wildly incorrect. Shows you have given it a go and helps to understand the parts you are struggling on.
  • Kylie_Mounce
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    Hi, Apologies -

    I have the following information -
    GP - 647,875
    Trade Receivables - 450,000
    Trade Payables - 316,050
    Trade Receivables Collection period in days - 90
    Inventory Holding period in days - 60

    I have to work out the following -

    Sales Revenue
    Cost of Sales
    Inventory level in SFP
    Trade Payable period in days
  • Casu
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    I did ask for a picture of the question as often bits are missed out. Plus I did suggest you have a go - Iam not going to do your work for you! But I dont mind checking it and pointing you in the right direction!!!!!
  • Adele69
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    I'm not doing Cash Management but it looks like a variance analysis question. Presumably you've done Financial Statements &/or Financial Performance?

    I think Revenue can be calculated from Trade Receivables Collection Period.
    TRCP = TR/Rev
    Mike Webster
  • Mike Webster
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    As Adele says, put the figures you have into the Trade receivables collection period equation. Once you've done that, you should be able to calculate the sales revenue figure which, in turn, will help you with the other figures you need. Think of this like an incomplete records question. Put in what you know to find the missing figure.

    Good luck.
    Michael JH Webster AATQB FMAAT
  • Kylie_Mounce
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    Thank you Adele and Mike, appreciate it. I was initially dividing the trade receivables by 365 which was how was getting in a mess. Now I have the sales revenue figure, the rest is fine. Thanks again :)
  • rvs29
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    I am still stuck with how to work out this answer, please can someone explain?
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