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I have just completed all my Level 4 exams and only have the project left to do. However, I am an external student and do not know what happens with arranging assessor interviews, etc,

If anyone knows, could you let me know? I would be very grateful!



  • ncraggs
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    You need to contact a training provider who offers this as a stand alone unit. I would be quick as there are getting less and less training providers who are still offering this.
    AAT Distance Learning Director First Intuition
  • Bertie
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    As a matter of course, all approved AAT training providers should continue to offer this unit.

    Until X date in December, this unit is still an active part of the AQ2013 syllabus.

    It is tough tripe if it proves to be a thorn in the side of an approved training providers side.

    I suppose First Intuition offer this.

    Interesting Nick, how in your signature there is no separation between AAT Distance Learning Director First Intuition - making it appear as though you're a Director of First Intuition and not one of the AAT.

    As a prominent member of First Intuition, tells me you should not hold the position you hold with the AAT.

    Your 'two' discussions relate directly back to First Intuition. It is ethically taking the p***. As a Director (in title, or by offical means - not checked) of the AAT, you should know better. The AAT should know better - although there is a greatly improved income stream of late.

    Since the AAT qualification has been offered to apprentices, and the implementation of the 24+ loans, the qualification has been shot to shi*.

    So, well done - small cog and 'all' that.

  • RebeccaR
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    Thanks for your reply. My main problem is that I don't really know the procedures that have to be done for the project, for example, the case study, how it is assessed and resubmissions, etc.
  • Rebeccascott
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    Hi RebeccaR

    In response to your queries;

    1) the case study will be provided by the training provider you use. They will get this from the AAT. Alternatively you can base the project on your place of work providing it is relevant accounting related work.

    2) the project is assessed by the training provider you use. There will be formative assessment throughout the life of the project. This simply means you will be provided with feedback from the assessor as your project progresses. They will be able to offer guidance as to whether you are on the right tracks and also what is missing &/or could be improved.

    3) Once you have done the final submission to the AAT you work will be assessed one final time (by the training provider again). If they are happy it is a competent piece of work you will have passed the unit. If they still feel additional work needs doing they will refer it back to you with feedback. You then have a small window of time to make amendments and resubmit.

    I hope that helps and I wish you every success in completing your project.

    Kind regards

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