Cash Management exam! AAT LEVEL 4 Help :(

rvs29 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 77
I recently sat the Cash Management exam on the AQ2013 syllabus. After doing all practice and mock exams provided by AAT and MyKaplan I was achieving competent in all papers, and found them relatively easy.
I found the real exam really hard, and it was totally different to any mock papers I had done. There was also a question in the exam which was not covered in my material and had never learnt it!

Any advice?
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  • MmeFroggy
    MmeFroggy Registered Posts: 8
    I had the same experience yesterday. The exam was nothing like the practise exams on the AAT website. What a desapointment after having spent hours studying and revising
  • Rafa
    Rafa Registered Posts: 3 New contributor ?
    I am in the same shoes. I failed mine 3 times now.I read the book couple of times, did all the online assessment, book tasks etc and still no luck. I am working in account at fairly high level so I found it extremely confusing and disappointing as why I can't pass. I just don't know what to do..
  • ChrisJ30
    ChrisJ30 MAAT Posts: 93 New contributor ?
    I failed CM twice but passed on the 3rd try. I would suggest really trying to get to grips with the written questions.
  • Smiller94
    Smiller94 Registered Posts: 12
    Has anybody managed to find any AAT webinars or other material for revision for Cash Management as I have found these so helpful with my past level 4 exams but I don't feel like there is as much material for this paper, especially as I have no tutor and am teaching myself this based on the AAT online materials :(
  • ns40
    ns40 Registered Posts: 3
    I have sat this exam 3 times, each time I have failed narrowly due to marks lost on sensitivity analysis and written section as I ran out of time, the wording added to the exam questions also further confuses me.... I've recently sat this exam again for the 4th time, and December is fast approaching I'm considering self studying external audit, has anyone done this module? How did they find it?
  • rvs29
    rvs29 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 77
    Hi @ns40

    How did you find your most recent resit? Was it similar to the previous ones you sat?
    How did you prepare for this one?

    I am currently preparing to resit my in November, which I NEED to pass before new year! Just not sure where to start! The written areas I didn't do too badly on. on the written tasks I got exceed, met and below requirement. I think it may be the other areas I didnt perform well in.
    The first tasks threw me a bit as I think I was given both SOFP and SOPL which really confused me.

    Have you done credit control? I self studied this module - it's really small and very simple.
    I sat the exam last week and it went very very well, so if you haven't already done this one, then maybe give this one a go?

    Are you a funded student?
    AAT Level 3 - May 2016
    AAT Level 4 - December 2017
  • ns40
    ns40 Registered Posts: 3
    All were fine and and questions were as per practice apart from task two and ten. task 9 written was different but had knowledge complete it. 2 and 10 had added wording to further confuse however overall it seemed a bit better than last time as I was better prepared and managed to answer more questions within the time allowed. I'll waite and see on the result. Ive passed the rest, only have this one remaining.
  • ns40
    ns40 Registered Posts: 3
    With the sofp and sopl both will have different costs apart from tax. My understanding of this is that you have to work out the overall cash position as per practise papers basing you answers on the additional information given along with what has been supplied in the financial statements
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