2 more exams to take before December 31st

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I just received my results today of the personal tax exam that I've taken for the third time and I've failed once again. I'm yet to receive the feedback so I won't know just yet where I went wrong.

I'm unemployed so I have ample time to revise and study for my upcoming final exam (Financial Statements).

But does anyone know of any free or cheap learning advice centres in Essex I can contact for help in assisting my studies?

I went to college back in 2015/2016 but afterwards they washed their hands of me.

I really would appreciate any feedback and responses?

Many thanks



  • hal978
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    Feedback is available on MyAAT from 4th September 2017 - you don't need to request it from your training provider/exam centre.
  • Adele69
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    Yeah. I got my first PDF for Business Tax AQ2013 last week on MyAAT (for the exam I sat mid August) with a breakdown of the topics and whether met, exceeded, below etc
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    Hi @Robbo007_84

    Why not study another unit and ditch PTAX?
    I struggled with BTAX - I failed this 3 times and just could not get the hang of it. So I chose to do Credit Control instead. If you buy materials with Kaplan this unit is only 4 chapter. I did the exam on Wednesday this week and it was very easy, so I'm feeling very confident.

    I found financial statements quite easy, and passed this first time.

    Still need to resit my cash management in November. I'm hoping to be competent, as I also need to finish before 31st dec!
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    As somebody who has taken and passed BTAX and PTAX, I would sincerely advise you take an easier module instead. I almost wish I had. xD (I passed each one on the third attempt! xD)

    I would only advise taking either or both of the tax modules if a) they are what you *really* want to do, or b) the job you work in requires taking them.

    Best of luck with your level 4! ^^
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  • Marshy77
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    Is it possible to switch the optional units if you've already taken them? Understood that you couldn't do that. May have to look into that.
  • N4T
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    Hi @Marshy77

    Yes you can change to another option even though you had already taken one and was not yet competent. You may even take all the options available if you wished and not just the two options. You will have passed L4 as soon as the 4 core and any two option units have been achieved.

    Not sure which options you are taking - think you said you have taken/passed PTAX?

    From what I have been told by my tutors and read on here avoid Cash and BTAX.!!

    I am not one to give up but with deadline looming if I was in your situation I would seriously consider changing to an easier option ASAP. If you have a retake say next week you may as well take it, but I would think about sitting an extra option as back up.

    Good luck with whatever you decide
  • Adele69
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    BTAX wasn't so bad, took a while to cover the material and revise though, so not worth doing as last minute option for end Dec unless you have a lot of free time. I'd heard PTAX was more awkward, and Cash Mgmt.

    I'm doing Credit Control as my second optional and seems a good choice (though haven't booked exam yet, on revision now). Also if stuck for time as the course book is fairly short, so would be doable from scratch before end Dec.
  • Robbo007_84
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    Hi, thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. I've decided to stick with Personal Tax upon consideration as I have changed tuition providers. First Intuition to be exact. So far the learning materials are easy to grasp and the online recorded lectures explain everything concisely without complication.

    Anyway must dash and carry on.

    Thanks again and I'll be sure to keep you posted.
  • N4T
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    Credit Control is a good choice to switch to as it's a fairly small unit compared to others - I think I had a maximum of two classes then went straight to exam. Keep in mind to sit your last exams with time to receive results before 31 December. So if switching is there sufficient time to start a new unit and sit exam in next 4-5 weeks? I would guess the first weeks in November will be very busy at exam centres.

    I interpreted the rules as needing to officially pass L4 before the deadline, but check with AAT if you could be borderline as I may be wrong.
  • rvs29
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    did anyone do auditing? think i might do that after cash just in case i don't pass it
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