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Hi all, I am currently trying to complete the accounts system section of my ISYS report. I am completing it on the payroll system and I am just at a loss of what I should be doing. The case study shows the weaknesses split into training, working practices and record keeping. I am really struggling to understand what weaknesses fit into each section. Can anyone help? Any advice will be very much appreciated.


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    @rvs29 are you able to office any advice on this? You seem to know your stuff and I am just at a complete loss? I'm so confused.
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    I would recommend purchasing this book. It breaks the report down into sections
  • rvs29
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    hi @smadge2017

    Training - The system not being integrated with Sage is a weakness, as to perform payroll duties more effectively and minimise mistakes, these should be integrated. The payroll clerk may need training for this? What would the cost of the training be? Make up the figures.

    Record keeping - think about what other employees can access the confidential data? Think about the codes of professional ethics, and what principles this may be breaching. What is the cost of breaching that principle? A fine, imprisonment? How much is the fine? etc...

    There isn't a right or wrong answer for the strengths/weaknesses, the marker just wants to see that you can analyse internal controls and systems correctly. There is a lot of things you could write about, it doesn't have to be the obvious things that stick out, think further into it.

    I hope this helps you!
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