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Are all AQ2013 Level 4 exams hand-marked?

Hi all, I'm sitting my first L4 exam tomorrow (BDGT). I'm so discouraged by the written tasks and feel that no matter how much revising I do, I'm not really ready. Anyway, my exam centre told me today that all L4 exams have written tasks and therefore all are hand-marked with results coming in six weeks. Is this true? I thought they were all CBTs (other than the ISYS project) so have scheduled a few exams in quick succession...trying to recoup some time off due to poor health. Have I sunk myself??? Help!!


  • rvs29rvs29 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 77
    The written questions are definitely human marked, with the rest of the questions such as calculations etc are computer marked.
    But, yes, all results for level 4 take up to 6 weeks!

    I would advise looking through the practice papers, green light tests and the performance feedback on the AAT website, as I always find it useful to see the overall weak areas of the exam.

    Have you done much studying?

    AAT Level 3 - May 2016
    AAT Level 4 - December 2017
  • dmoores2002dmoores2002 Registered Posts: 12
    I don't think I've done enough so may need to rethink. Problem is that I booked an "all-in" distance learning course with Kaplan, so I'll lose all of my exam fees once the syllabus rolls over in January. I guess I was a bit too eager to save a few hundred pounds when I booked the exams in. To make matters worse, I sailed through the green light tests for BDGT butwhen I attempted the sample assessment there as material that I'd never seen before! So disheartening....not a good guide on this occasion it seems.
  • rvs29rvs29 MAAT, AATQB Posts: 77
    maybe post pone it for a few weeks so you can do some hardcore studying? good luck :)
    AAT Level 3 - May 2016
    AAT Level 4 - December 2017
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