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I am sitting my last exam- Financial Statements- For Level 4 and really need to pass before December 31 deadline as I am on the AQ2013 Syllabus.
Is there any books people used to aid their revision and which would you recommend? What other revision tips do you guys have that helped you

Any advice is appreciated
Thanks :)


  • Sam13
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    I passed my Financial Statements second time and the way I did it was printing off mock exams and writing how i worked the answers out and going over them. It really helped. Good luck!
  • hal978
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    I used the BPP books (Text and Question banks) - they are good. I also printed my own questions to test myself, especially on the Conceptual Framework.
  • KoopaCooper
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    My course worked with the Kaplan books and various handouts (mostly from BPP iirc). I started by taking the Green Light tests, and seeing which areas I did well on, and which I did poorly.

    Then, go back to my textbook and handouts, and re-visit the areas I'd struggled on in the Green Lights. Go over some example questions from the chapters, get more confident at those areas. Then, take the Green Light tests again. If I still did poorly in some bits, go back over them again...rinse and repeat.

    The first two times I sat FSTM, I tanked, badly. The third time, I actually did some revision (as I described above) and came out with a pass. So, it worked for me at least... :)
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    Hi, do reach out to me if you have specific problems in the module. We can have lessons online.
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