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I recently achieved my Level 4 qualification however I cannot afford to go to university at the moment due to financial difficulties. I am therefore looking to start my career in Accountancy and make use of my qualification but I've got no work experience in this sector. I'm worried I might not be able to find a job and I do not know which would be the best starting point. Any kind of advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you


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    Hi @Tanya0997 , if you search our blog you can find lots of advice on starting out, everything from writing your CV, work experience and landing your first accounting role. Take a look here.

    This article may be of particular interest to you: How to get your dream job in finance (even when you don’t have the right experience)
  • stevesmiths
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    Hi Congratulations on achieving Level 4 qualification.
    Career in Accountancy is a great choice and can offer you excellent job prospects,Accountants whose work is of a high standard can quickly progress to a high positions. I suggest you to upload your profile in various job portals,by mentioning your skill set.

    Try your luck...!
  • Tanya0997
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    Thank you very much @stevesmiths
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    Hi Tanya, are you still looking for a job in accounting? And if so where about in the country are you as my firm is currently recruiting graduates and non-graduates for chartered accounting traineeships?
  • Karax
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    Hi Tanya.
    I know exactly where you coming from.
    I find it very difficult to get a job in accounting because every employer is looking for an experience but no one wants to give you that first job. I’m waiting for my last exam results and will have level 4 qualification but still no job.
  • yna
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    Hello everyone,
    I am doing level 4 AAT, hoping to have my qualification by new year January 2019. I have the same issue how to get a job with no experience. I tried before with no result now I am focusing first on my qualification and then I will try again this time with positive attitude.
    I have experience back home, a Master, a degree in accountancy and 8 years as an accountant. Though I found it difficult to get an accounting job when I first came to England. Now focus on qualification and then will get that job. Actually my vision is self employed and own buisness.
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    I knew it was difficult to get into Finance, but really? Masters' degree and 8 years experience, employers should at least give you a chance
    Have you tried ACCA and see if you can get exemptions?
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  • yna
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    Before AAT I started ACCA and I had exemption from the two first papers and I passed the third one. At certain point I realized that I have to start with AAT first and then continue with ACCA.
    I think my problem was language at the begining, all my studies back home were in French language. I guess it was a problem of communication.
    However, lets be positive, there are no obstacles when I am ready to get that financial role I WILL.
  • joshzle15
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    It took me a while to find a job due to little accounts experience, but keep looking and applying and you will be successful eventually. Just don't give up applying for jobs.

    You mentioned that you cannot afford to go to university, which suggests that you want to continue studying. Many employers look for applicants who are AAT qualified and looking to continue their studies onto ACCA / CIMA etc and offer a comprehensive study support package for this.

    Good luck.
  • Tanya0997
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    Hi everyone,
    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and advices. A lot has happened since gaining my qualification. I was promoted to cash office assistant at my workplace and that boosted my CV. I was contacted by Kaplan recruitment if I was interested in applying for a CIMA level 4 apprenticeship. I applied just to experience formal interviews, with no hope of getting the job. But the company offered me the job day after interview!

    So I'll be starting next month and because I did professional qualification I was exempted from CIMA L4 and I'll now be studying level 7.

    I'm very grateful for all the help 😀
  • joshzle15
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    Yes! Well done!
  • yna
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    Hello everyone,

    Well done Tanya0997, It is true with hard work, patience and positive attitude you get what you want .
    I wish you all the best in your career.
    Stay positive
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