Self-learning from books / without training provider (Bookkeeping) ... advice / software

Hi, I have completed the Foundation Certificate Level 2 and Foundation Cert if Accounting - Using Accounting Software ...both of which I used a Training Provider. However, actually learnt most of it via Kaplan books, internet and AAT website. My question is that I intend to 'try' and do The Advanced Bookkeeping qualification just via the Kaplan books (bought online). Has anyone out there done this without a training provider? If so what software did you buy? I have Sage ONE via the training provider but that will expire shortly, so will need to purchase a new one? I was going to get Quickbooks as once qualified like to the look of this?
So anyone out there self-taught? Without a training provider? Any advice? And any advice which software to use when training?
Any advise fullstop would be apprciated. :) Thanks


  • Agnes123
    Agnes123 MAAT Posts: 41
    I've done level 3 aat last year of which first 3 exams qualify as the advanced bookkeeping qualification. I just bought kaplan books, self studied at home at took the tests. There was no other software needed, apart from excel for the synoptic exam. Good luck!
  • blk71
    blk71 Registered Posts: 4
    Hi Agnes123. Thank you for your response. The books have arrived so I will see how I get on without a training provider. There seems so much support out there, especially on the AAT site so fingers crossed :)
  • Agnes123
    Agnes123 MAAT Posts: 41
    Good luck, I'm sure you'll be alright.
  • Ellas998
    Ellas998 Registered Posts: 1
    I have registered at a training provider and have just finished Foundation Cert in Acc, ( took all the exams, except the software that is due in 5 days), and I have realized that I do not make too much use of the tutor and the knowledge tests available at my training provider. Mostly because I was able to learn more quickly than the one chapter a week rhythm offered for our group.
    So, I will try the same with the next level (advanced diploma), and will prepare on my own. Good luck!
  • blk71
    blk71 Registered Posts: 4
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    Good Luck Ellas998. A little research into this has led me believe that certain textbooks are more comprehensive than others so it might be worth studying more than one publisher. AAT have just added the study support to My Study Support as well which is great.
  • reader
    reader MAAT, AAT Licensed Accountant Posts: 1,037
    I did level 2 at college. Found double entry really hard but did levels 3 and 4 using Kaplan home learning. The main thing is to stay disciplined and stick to studying rather than social media, etc.
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