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I am employed to provide Finance Management and Administration to 4 companies and I am currently using Sage 50 Accounts Professional, 4 companies, 2 users. I have been using Sage since 2006 and have not really used any other accounting software.
1 company is VAT registered another is a retail shop which has stock control and a compatible till system. The two other companies are straight forward no VAT and no stock.
The company used to upgrade the software every 4 to 5 years.
I am seeking advice on the software options and pro’s and con’s with regards to Sage 50cloud Accounts v QuickBooks.
Our current till software is compatible with Sage but not QuickBooks, therefore would need to consider new software if we do move from Sage.
The upgrade to Sage 50c is now subscription based and is quite expensive compared to QuickBooks. However, with no previous experience of QuickBooks, the initial test version I have worked on seems to be a completely different way of working to Sage.
Any advice and recommendation would be greatly accepted.
Many thanks


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    Hi Catrin, this is a hard one . We have also always used Sage but now also use Quick Books. Both have their good/ bad points. In my opinion Sage is better for accountants to use and Quick Books is better if the client is at all involved in doing any of their own bookkeeping. I also think that by a client using Quick Books themselves it can bring about ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’As it is so user friendly , clients soon seem to get over confident and think there is no need for our services but when reviewing their work there are fundamental errors that only a trained accountant would possibly know .This leads to a lot of alterations which can take a lot of time which then causes problems when the recharge to the client is made.
    However Quick Books is great for Mr ‘sole trader’ to record sales and everyday purchases.
    Hope this helps Catherine
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    Thanks for your comment. Catrin
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    Hello Cartin,
    Both are very popular and most used accounting software for business and offer entry-level solutions for small businesses that are affordable and easy-to-use. Each person has unique skills and interests, just like that each business is equally as different and the software as well.
    QuickBooks allows you to easily keep up with payroll and other financial aspects of your business, like sales, expenses, and purchases. This is one of the best solutions for easily managing and running small and mid-sized businesses. while Sage offers more tailored industry-specific business management options, like Construction and Real Estate, Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, etc.

    The QuickBooks software offers efficient accounting solutions and also helps in bookkeeping while Sage helps in collaborative projects at the same time keeping the employees on-task. No matter the version of Sage or QuickBooks you choose, cloud hosting is an excellent way to enjoy more perks and features, such as.
    Decreased IT and Hardware Costs
    Remote Access
    Custom-Built Dedicated Servers
    Integrated Hosted Applications
  • Elenasmi
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    If you want to know which software is much useful for you to read this blog QuickBooks or Sage: Which one is Best for your Business
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    nice, interesting topic and useful tips from Elenasmi
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