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Best Distance Learning Provider?

I'm going to study Level 2 at home through distance learning, but wanted to see what providers others use and which you would recommended.

Currently swaying towards Premier Learning as they have been the most helpful and clear, plus i like the look of the timetable etc, have just asked for a breakdown of the textbook provided, a photo look like the Osborne books but this isn't specified. Although i have heard Eagle are good too and have the study buddy, can anyone comment on the study buddy - is it as good as it is make out and much different to what other providers would supply through workbooks?

Any advice or past experience knowledge would be much appreciated.



  • NorvydasNorvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 268
    Hi @LJP,

    I am studying with Premier Training, done my Level 2 & 3 and finishing Level 4 now. Can't fault them at all, their prices are reasonable, tutor support is extremely efficient as they always used to get back to me within few hours, and mark my mock exams / assignments within 24 hours, they also work on Saturday!

    For level 2 they had their own books "Premier Training books" I can't remember Level 3 books but Level 4 books are Osbourne Books. Their MyPTA is very helpful aswell, their have their own Mock exams, each unit has it's assignments that you need to do, they have helped a lot and I would definitely recommend them!
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
  • LJPLJP Registered Posts: 2
    Thanks @Norvydas that’s very helpful! Glad to hear how responsive Premier Training are as that was a concern for me.
  • amurrayamurray Feels At Home Registered, MAAT, AATQB Posts: 304
    Hi LJP,

    I am studying with First Intuition and now personally wouldn't study with any other provider. First Intuition have been a fantastic support through my Level 4 studies, their materials, customer service from placing the order to tutor support is just SUPERB! :)

    After some time out shortly after finishing Level 3, I really struggled with my confidence in sitting exams but First Intuition gave me my confidence back in their revision & exam prep support.

    I am very much enjoying my journey with FI with only a handful of exams remaining!

    Speak to @NickCraggs he looks after the Distance Learning for the college.

    My ONLY regret is not finding them for my Levels 2 & 3.

    Also I am considering CIMA for my further studies and have already made enquiries with First Intuition - I cant stress how helpful they have been.

    Good luck with your AAT studies with whomever you decide to study with.
    Completed AAT in March 2020
    Currently Studying: CIMA 'Operational Level'
  • Katyemma50Katyemma50 Registered Posts: 3
    i'm looking at studying with Osborne training, as they look really good, their prices seem reasonable, any advice please? they do a virtual classroom kind of set up which runs weekly and with live interaction with other students as well as tutors, looks really good. Price also includes text books and digital support
  • Katyemma50Katyemma50 Registered Posts: 3
    I'm just have a gander at Premier training to see what they have to offer.
  • Katyemma50Katyemma50 Registered Posts: 3
    I've already selected Osborne as my trainer for the purposes of studying the level 2 foundation course, but what if I choose a different provider?
  • NorvydasNorvydas DevonMAAT Posts: 268
    Hi @Katyemma50

    You can have any training provider you want and change them any time. All you need to do is to notify AAT that you've changed your training provider and that's it.
    Kind Regards,

    Norvydas Valavicius.
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