Continue to do Lv4 or not/ future job prospects without the Lv4??

Hi everyone,

Any advice/ personal experiences or general opinions would be extremely helpful...

I'm 29 and decided on a career change around 2yrs ago, I wanted stability and was willing to earn less for a while till I figured it all out.

I currently work for a local authority (mainly within internal audit) and I'm approaching the end of my AAT Lv3 apprenticeship and hoping to be completed by November. The problem I'm facing is what next?

- Like many, I am working completely remote and feel that working this way has really changed how my apprenticeship has been delivered. It's not that I don't feel supported by the organisation I work for, but learning this way doesn't work for me. I have always faired better in a classroom/ workplace environment > I'm shy and reserved but in a classroom/ workplace I have nowhere to hide so forcing myself to work this way was beneficial to my development in the past.

- Although I haven't failed any exams (yet), the studying/ apprenticeship evidence gathering side of things has been tough. I think that might be down to working within internal audit most of the time and working remotely.

- I have been told I should be able to continue onto my Lv4 if I want to but I just don't know if I'm cut out for it, especially if everything continues to be delivered remotely. I have a degree but I appreciate this is a very different way of learning. What's more, I've come across many threads on this forum around the difficulty of the Lv4.

- I don't really like audit so would I prosper at Lv4 but with a different organisation that is perhaps more finance driven?

- Should I give up altogether?

- Can I get another position with just a Lv3 and revisit Lv4 in the near future?

I'm in a rut, void of motivation, feeling lost, drained and beginning to get anxious about my personal finances and career prospects moving forward.

Any advice at all would be helpful.

Thanks in advance.


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    Rest assured that while level 4 is a step up. From level's massively doable with hard work

    Go for it!!!!

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