pcr - does anyone else think this was a horrible exam!!



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    arghhhhhhhh, we were not shown how to do task 1.2 at college. i know something similair in an 05 exam paper but so so not fair. i have most definately failed pcr. poss pev too. see you in december
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    Resit Oh Yes It Is

    I am definitely down for a resit for both PCR and PEV.

    I thought PEV was hard as I really revised for it and thought I had everything covered only to find that monster lurking in section 2.

    PCR was a disappointment as it is supposed to be he easiest paper and turned out to be very much the reverse. The other major problem was that the answers also fed into an even larger written question (which was impossible if you didn't grasp the answer to the previous queston) No chance at all to make up lost marks - very unfair.

    Oh well just have to find a way to let my boss know that I have 2 resits instead of 1 now.......:crying:
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    ^I could be joining ya!

    Section 1 confused me way more than I thought it would. Little things threw me off like when you had to express your answer as a table. Made me wonder what little things they'd penalise you for. And I had no idea what a rolling budget was in section 2. Saying that, I much prefered Section 2, even if I did waffle on about the variances.

    Oh yeah and the labour budget in section 1 confused me, cause I had idle time and I started to think it should be overtime.

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    Yeah, section 2 of PCR OK and section section 1 of PEV OK.

    Rolling budgets was a bit of an unknown quantity. Have not come across this before, so just guessed.

    Don't think they will let me off the b****s up on section 1 though and give me a pass (more the pity)!!!
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    What did everyone put for the different types of budgets?! I've never even heard of them before! I just wrote what i thought they sounded like!

    Yep, same here. Apart from the rolling budget which I was going to make something up for, but was spending all my time trying to get my head around doing those tables in section 1.

    Assuming it's not me just missing something or revising properly, I think it's really bad that, considering a lot of people have found the PEV and PCR papers tough, that there have been questions about topics people haven't heard about. E.g. for me the budgets in section 2 and for PEV the gearing and interest cover ratios. I've checked my book for the rolling budget and the others and I don't think they're in there.

    I'm glad I'm not the only one who found section 1 hard, cause I thought it was just a case of my not revising properly, I found it hard to get my head around. So should have wastage have been included in the first production budget you did (Task 1.1)?

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    :crying:I accounted for wastage of 0.5% in the production budget but not sure if this is right or not.
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    Jay wrote: »
    :crying:I accounted for wastage of 0.5% in the production budget but not sure if this is right or not.

    I did the same, 1 in 200 worked out at 0.5%. So i divided by 99.5/0.5.
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    Hie was the materials calulated as a division of A B C or x , quite sure didn,t fully get the question.1 unit constisted of ABC components.. pcr :crying::crying:
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    Thanks to everyone who has posted a reply about the pcr exam because it has made me feel better...I am not alone!
    Came out of the exam totally convinced I have failed. The labour part of section 1 started to confuse me with restriction on overtime & the stuff about closing stocks not needing to be the same (or whatever it said). I then tried so many different ways to answer the question & each time rub it out & start again because I would convince myself I was answering it wrong. Not even sure now which way I answered the question, but most of my ideas have cropped up on this website, so I'm happier now that many of you had the same confusion.
    Anyway, then panicked as more than 2 hours had passed & I was still on bloody section 1, so raced through section 2 (which seemed a lot easier) but now realise I have probably made a lot of silly errors in that section, because by then my brain did not want to work sensibly.
    Roll on August toput us all out of our misery.
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    Another moan I would like to make is the width of the answer paper.
    did anyone else found they were having to squash their answers up in 1.2 ?
    It wasn't so bad having to do 3 quarters in 1.1 but they asked you for the four quarters in 1.2 .
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    I agree that paper was hard, I think I failed it too. Section 1.2 was different from anything I have seen before, and the large section on reporting the findings just made it even harder.
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    rebeccas wrote: »
    DONT let it get you down! By the sounds of it many people struggled this will definitely be taken into account. Fill out the feedback form and let the AAT knw how you feel about the paper (as should everyone so the examiner gets a true account of the general perception of the paper). I felt as though I could do all of the past papers with my eyes closed, yet got completely different answers to other people. (Section 1 especially) However as long as you tried to base your report around what your calculations were you will gain credit for it.

    I feel angry and cheated as well, but DO NOT let it get you down or make you feel suicidal - for want of a better phrase - it really isnt worth it. If you fail, its not the end of the world - I know its not nice and it feels awful, but you can re-sit it again. It feels horrible initially, but thats what life is about - we pick ourselves up by our shoelaces and carry on. DONT feel bad and DONT give up!

    Hope you are ok

    I agree with both of your comments, all three papers that I have sat since last December, have had little in common with the past papers that I have been revising with, after the December exam DFS I was so convinced that I had failed it, (because I could not get anything to balance ) that I decided to not carry on, and have a break for a year. But I passed that exam and carried on to do PCV and PCR this week,I now have a different out look and agree it is not the end of the world, please do not feel bad, if like me you have know completed the three years, be proud at what you have already achieved, it has not been easy,keep smiling, and hopefully we have all passed.
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    If people are only worried about 1.2 and 1.3, i think youve passed. Really.

    I think ive failed as i also didnt answer 1.1 totally correctly, and only took into account one of the budgets in section 2.
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    Pcr !!!!!!!!

    This was a very difficult paper.

    If you had plenty of time to work on section 1.2 it may have been ok but under exam conditions with time restraints this seemed very unfair.

    I am just glad this was my last paper to sit and not the first as I think it would have completely knocked my confidence.

    Good luck everyone.
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    So did I
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    pev pcr dfs

    I thought pev was terrible compared to pcr. On pev working upto when was told exam now finished did not have not time to read through my answers again. PCR had time to have a quick. However with dfs complete panic mode as first task did not balance. So when working through rest of paper kept thinking about first section. Probably have wasted nine months but what the heck worth the try.:001_smile::001_smile:
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    Can anyone please comment on how materials costs were calculated.:001_unsure:very unsure...
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    I added the vales for A, B and C up to get the material price per unit.
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    Pcr Exam

    All i will say about this exams is that i tried my best, but you are all right the wording of the questions in 1.2 and 1.3 was not right. August seems so long to wait for the results. Good Luck to you all Zoe :001_smile:
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    I agree with you!

    I thought I was ok on PCR and PEV but the wording on some of the questions and info provided could have been interpreted in many different ways.

    I felt like crying after I left both of these exams based on understanding what they wanted.....I found this to be the only battle.If I knew what they wanted I could calculate it but I didn't so I have TOTALLY MESSED both of them up!
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    By the way Sandy, I have sent you a private message - hope that is ok and THANK YOU for providing us with all the support and answers I really appreciate it!
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    I found section 1 to be ok, although quite challenging and took up far too much of the time - not sure i've laid it out as should have done though. The budgets on section 2 were the wrost for me - never even heard of a rolling budget - it's not even in the AAT Osbourne text
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    PCR - Mmmm well were do I start to express the anger and frustration I am now feeling having just gone through the PCR examination earlier today. I just cannot stop myself from bursting into floods of tears when I think how I have had to learn everything myself from revision because the tuition I have received, in my opinion, has not been to a very high standard

    Night after night I have had to spend my time going through past examination papers from 2003 to 2007 until my head was positively splitting and I am now sat here at work wondering – WHY?? WHAT WAS THE POINT??

    To sit and have to take this examination for a gruelling ‘three and a half hours’ when the 2008 PCR paper was a total sham and was unrelated to anything that the tutors had gone through with me and was unrelated to previous years papers. Because of this I found myself unable to understand what was being asked of me in Section 1 especially. How can I be expected to successfully complete this and under these given circumstances ??

    I would like someone to explain why we are advised to practise with past papers ‘to get a feel of the exam papers’ and then to be given a paper like that which was at great variance with the previous papers. Practise may well make perfect but only if you are batting on a level playing field and not up-hill.

    I hope you can feel from the above some of the anger and frustration I now feel.

    On Section 2 I felt marginally better with the questions although towards the end there were some questions that arose not covered in tuition and I cannot see any of these covered in my revision notes or pocket note.

    I have without a doubt failed this exam and feel this is not my fault but clearly down to the tuition, or lack of it, that |I have received. The thought of having to re- sit this examination again is not only making me feel ill but suicidal.

    I agree with your statement and feel as disappointed with this paper. The level of tuition I have received has also been poor. I was never naive in thinking at this level I needed to take some repsonsibility for my own learning, which I did for months running up to the exam with revision books and pass papers. No matter how many times I read over 1.2 I simply could not ascertain what the examiner wanted.

    I look forward very much to reading what the examiner says about this paper. Maybe he might reflect on all the comments people have made and get someone to proof read the paper before it goes out!! :)

    It is very hard to put this into perspective that it is an exam and can be retaken in the worse case scenario when you've worked so hard.

    I hope that you are feeling a bit better now it has been a few days. Good words from Rebecca - Don't give up. We have to keep running at that AAT wall until the bloody thing falls over or we pass out from banging our heads one to many times :)

    Take Care
  • Helen918Helen918 Settling In Nicely Posts: 15Registered
    You know, Mehmet, reading your posts on here in the past few weeks you really do come across as quite self-important and arrogant. It seems you find nothing difficult (good for you) and don't understand why people have struggled. I was surprised to see yesterday that you have taken your exams this time round because the way you talk, it's as if you are the final authority on all things AAT!
    But obviously congratulations are in order because you had definitely passed - if only you could share and spread your confidence around other people here, rather than rubbing their worried noses in it.
    I completely agree who is this bumptious young man. Should he not be sitting TOP CIMA with such extensive knowledge hehehe :)
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    I well messed up section 1, we were told all year to forget unit 9 and probably, taught for 5hours in total on it, once we did one question on flexible budgeting with the two budgets and told not to worry, and never did. We never really covered limitations. Similar to Unit 8 on the Volitair section. I feel I was totally un prepared after studying hard on all i was taught :001_unsure: I am seriously worried now and feel cheated. Oh and the 5 people in my class that i know well all felt the same so it wasn't me :thumbdown:
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    I think we should all complain personally, peoples jobs depend on gaining a pass on these exams
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    I posted on here as soon as i finished the exam and got home and i am quite shocked to see ovr 10 thousand views by AAT/NON-AAT Students,

    Im adding this just to say i revised on the Bus going home everyday from Work, then i would eat at home and carry on for 2 months solid to face a shocking 1.2. Usually The exams are gerneric and i wasnt expecting to many Surprises but thought i was prepared, last time i've ever thinking that...Lost for words and feel exhausted still from all that revision.
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    This was a hard one as section 1 took so much extra time with the mass amount of data: the multi-period, multi-materials a.b & c, standard labour, agency labour, overtime. Exam should have said: spend 140 minutes on section 1 and 40 minutes on section 2.
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    time was too short

    i wish i could get extra 15 mins for the PCR paper. Time was too short, n heart is pounding to see the result sheet
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