AAT Level 4 Synoptic Exam

GeorgiaHGeorgiaH AAT Student Posts: 5

Has anyone completed the synoptic exam yet for 2016-2017. I would like to know what to expect? Can anyone tell me what kind of questions came up?



  • lannieloolannieloo Registered Posts: 8
    Hi, the first sitting of the synoptic isn't until 31st march so no one will have sat it yet! I'm dreading it!!
  • Adele69Adele69 CambridgeAAT Student Posts: 172
    I'm not doing AQ2016 so hoping to avoid this, but noticed that FI have posted a few webinars on the Synoptic Assessment on youtube in the last few days

  • lannieloolannieloo Registered Posts: 8
    Oh fab I'll have a look! Thanks
  • KimWKimW Registered Posts: 1
    I have taken it already. It is very similar to the mocks provided
  • lannieloolannieloo Registered Posts: 8
    Oh my apologies I'm didn't realise there had already been a sitting!! Did you need to revise all 3 units in depth for it?? Was there many calculations of ratios and variances needed??
  • GeorgiaHGeorgiaH AAT Student Posts: 5
    edited March 20
    Oh great thanks Adele will have a look at the videos see if they help.
    I am dreading it too lannieloo. I have heard that the exam goes back to Level 2 & 3 subjects! I find it hard learning all the ratios, just so much to remember! :o Thanks Kim, I will just have to revise over the mocks, It would be better if the AAT had more mocks to revise online though rather than 2
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